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About Saad

Saad has lived in the City of Weston for the past 28 years. Having attended school at Everglades Elementary, Falcon Cove Middle School, and Cypress Bay High, he later went on to receive his MBA from Nova Southeastern University.

Since graduating, Saad has been very active in advocacy, political campaigning, and grassroots organizing. Having worked or assisted on a number of local, state, and presidential campaigns, he has developed a keen understanding of what people look for when making decisions which impact their lives and that of their families.

Living in Weston isn’t about what zip code you live in, it’s about quality, its a way of life for us and our families.

Saad has decided to run for City Commission to fight for the best interests of every resident, maintain the highest quality of living, and continue to drive economic growth within the city.

Saad's Platform

Economic development

Retain existing businesses, attract new businesses, create opportunity for small businesses.

The City of Weston has seen tremendous growth in the past 28 years. By remaining attractive to potential businesses and providing assistance to small businesses, we can continue to grow and improve our cities economic health.

Promote economic development, not over‑development.


I am committed to protecting the environment. As commissioner, I will work with the appropriate county, state and federal stakeholders to advocate for proper water quality, and vehemently oppose oil drilling and explorations.

We must do everything we can here at home, to protect Florida’s ecosystem.

Public Safety

I applaud Mayor Stermer for leading the fight against the 2011 Florida law which prevents elected officials from enacting firearm regulations in their own communities. Rather than having a reactive approach, we must be proactive in combating causes of violence, and be vigilant in identifying risk factors in our communities and schools.

The City of Weston is known for it’s sense of security, let’s keep it that way.

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